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1 January
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two sided time, your rebirth can't hurt.

APPEARANCE Guy is tall, and thin. He stands at 6' which puts him just slightly after Jade for the title of tallest in the party. He wears medieval-themed clothing, including a cream coloured botton-down shirt, tight dark pants, and a burnt-orange vest which comes to a point at the back, falling to about the length of his knees. His gloves and knee-high boots are a dark brown, and his sword is sheathed at his side at all times, hanging from a green belt. For accessories, he wears a choker around his neck that he's had since he was young.
He sports short blond hair in a messy style, with blue eyes to complete the look. He cuts a rather confident figure, despite his inner tribulations.

PERSONALITY Friendly and upbeat, Guy is the type of person that always tries to keep a smile on his face. He possesses an innate desire to help people, being unable to refuse someone in need, whether the consequences be heavy (saving someone from certain doom) or light (explaining things in Jade's place, or continuing to obey Natalia).
He is honest and hard-working, never one to think that certain things are owed to him, instead believing that they are earned. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, and usually has no problem admitting when he has made a wrong turn, even going so far as to take responsibility for Luke's selfish ways in the beginning of their journey.
Guy, above all else, is a true friend. Once you have formed a bond with him, it is likely that you have found a "Friend for Life" (lol, bad title pun...). He is classy and even considered to be a bit of a ladies' man, being that he tends to say all the right things -- despite his phobia. He is passionate about the things that he cares about, be it people, or his favourite hobby -- tinkering with fon machines.

ABILITIES / WEAPONS / STRENGTHS Guy uses a rapier-like sword for his discipline, named after it's creator, the Sigmund Style. It is said to be a quicker, swifter (though perhaps somewhat less powerful) version of the Albert Style, which Luke uses. It is said that due to the controversy of this style, its teachings are passed down by word-of-mouth, rather than being taught openly with study. He is a rather skilled swordsman, never afraid to leap into battle at a moment's notice.
In his arsenal, he uses a variety of Artes, though they are mostly physical. When provoked / after he has taken some damage, he is able to use Mystic Artes just like the rest of the party (think of it like a limit break!), which are called "Razing Phoenix" and "Brilliant Overlord" respectively.
Physically, he can give and take quite a bit of damage, but when it comes to magic -- he is on the weaker side of the scale both defense and casting-wise.

WEAKNESSES Women, plain and simple. Guy is afflicted with a condition called "gynophobia" which is an irrational, intense fear of women. At the start of the party's quest, he is just as unsure as everyone else as to why this fear clouds his judgement, although he is certain that it happened during the one moment that is blocked from his memory -- the instant his family died.
Often, he tries to play it off with a quick getaway from the source or nervous laughter (it's a little embarrassing, after all) but when a female gets a little too close, even by accident, he acts completely on instinct, doing anything and everything to distance himself from the girl in question, even going to far as to unintentionally injure them in the process.

HISTORY Guy was actually born as "Gailardia Galan Gardios" of the House Gardios, a noble family of Hod Island. It was one fateful night that Duke Fabre, Luke's father, had some of their soldiers steal into their mansion with the purpose of taking over the land. All of those that opposed the intruders were killed in their wake.
As the servants rushed to save the young Gailardia, they were no exception to the slaughter. One by one, the women of the house fell protecting him, until the point that he was literally covered in their bleeding, lifeless bodies. Mary, his sister, was one of these victims. Due to the traumatizing nature of this event, Guy has actually blocked it out of his memory, as it is the catalyst for his phobia.
After the tragic events of Hod, Guy was taken under the wing of Vandesdelca Fende, a servant to his former House. Van entrusted Guy with a plan for revenge, a way to take from the Duke all that was taken from him -- but in order to do so, he would have to become a servant to House fon Fabre. Wanting the Duke to feel the same pain he had felt, Guy agreed, taking on the name "Guy Cecil" and becoming the Guardian to the Duke's son, Luke.
As the years passed, Guy's feelings of anger towards the crimes committed against his family seemed to diminish somewhat, as he seemed to actually grow closer to the young Luke. Perhaps it was when the infamous kidnapping occurred that things really took a turn for him. When Luke was returned to the mansion, helpless, crying, Guy had a hand in his "re-upbringing" which, in turn, only served to strengthen the bond they were forming.
Although the thought of revenge was never far from his mind (and neither was Van...) it seemed to fall onto the back burner of his life, as he continuned his post in House fon Fabre.
When the mysterious seventh fonist arrived at the mansion that day, whisking Luke away in a hyperresonnance, it was Guy that was charged with the task of locating him. He accompanied the party back to the capitol city, Baitcul, and once again when Luke was given his new role as Ambassador, left with him once again.
It is at this time that the fateful events of Akzeriuth, a mining town, came to pass. Along the way, Guy had the unfortunate meeting with one of the Six God-Generals, Sync, and was marked with a "Curse Slot." This is a technique that serves to use the target's innermost feelings to the users advantage, allowing him to act out in a way Guy normally wouldn't. Unbeknownst to the party at the time, he attacked Luke out of his feelings from the past. This, he chose to keep secret for awhile longer.
Upon arriving in Akzeriuth, a place that was now overrun with poisonous gasses from the middle earth, called "miasma" Luke made some choice decisions -- which wound up in the destruction of the town, taking many lives with it. As the party fled for safety, within the Auldrant's Qliphoth (a relatively empty space between the crust and the core, rich with miasma) even Guy expressed his disappointment in his friend, asking him to please stop making excuses, lest he think any less of him at that point.
Finally, the pieces fall into place. Luke is revealed to truly be the replica of Asch -- the true Luke fon Fabre. He left with the party then, leaving both Luke and Tear within the Qliphoth. However, as he traveled without Luke, he only seemed to grow increasingly worried about his friend. Announcing to the party he feelings of discontent, he is told to of the only place that Luke could resurface from the lands below, and so, he took off in order to wait out the time where the redhead would return.